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Dry feet: natural solutions to have soft and perfectly healthy feet

Summer is approaching, and it's often the season of chapped feet and cracked heels! Unsightly and sometimes painful, dry and punctured feet, prevent you from being free and sporting your feet on a daily basis.

Why are my feet dry and damaged ?

If women and men suffer from dryness and crevices in the feet, it is certainly not without reason. Wearing shoes without socks, shoes that are too tight or too large, or a lack of hydration can cause dry skin. High heels can be responsible for the appearance of corns.

And yes, these conditions are often caused by repeated trauma, such as rubbing caused by shoes that are too tight or not wide enough.

When the skin of your feet bears too much pressure, an excess of new cells develops. These cells can quickly become callous and dry. What for? To protect oneself from these external aggressions.

Comment en finir avec les pieds secs et abimés ?

Foot bath and scrub if necessary

A daily saltwater bath helps prevent the development of mycoses. Pour a tablespoon of coarse salt or bicarbonate for a liter of water and soak your feet for several minutes. White wine vinegar and cinnamon have astringent properties and eliminate odors. A daily foot bath with one of these ingredients will reduce foot odors.

In people whose feet have strongly dried areas, it is possible to perform a scrub. The scrub will eliminate dead cells, activate blood circulation, and tone the epidermis for a softer skin that is more able to receive care. Choose a natural scrub because everything is in your kitchen!

For a homemade scrub, you can use, mixed with olive oil or hibiscus oil with coffee grounds, coarse salt, unrefined cane sugar of coarse salt, or coffee grounds.

Nourish and moisturize your feet

You can forget your grater or other pumice stone to rub on your heels. After foot bathing and exfoliation, place to hydration. Lack of hydration is the biggest problem that chiropodists face. Use a moisturizing treatment after showering and massage. You can massage the soles of the feet with your thumbs, in circular movements. Then gently massage the top of your feet. Equip yourself with our moabi butter and, before going to sleep, apply it in a thick layer on the soles of the feet, especially in places where the skin is thicker.

Our Best-Sellers to take care of your feet

4 steps to take to overcome the smells of feet :

With the heat, we start to sweat more, and if this natural process is essential, for some, it can be disabling.

  • Clean your feet well with mild soap

  • Use talc on all the clean foot before putting on shoes

  • Prefer cotton or wool socks avoid synthetic materials)

  • Bet on baking soda, an anti-odor ally since it absorbs moisture and odors and prevents the development of bacteria

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