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Discover the complete body and face care - Autumn - Winter

Even if you are now far from the sun, you should still take care of your skin. Autumn and winter are the cocooning seasons par excellence. This is the time of year when it feels good to stay at home and pamper yourself. 


Cold temperatures make you more prone to the discomforts of dry skin, caused by heating, but also to chapping from freezing winds and clogged pores from lack of exfoliation.The cold is not a good ally for the skin.   It is therefore inevitable to adapt our beauty care to the season.



€ 73.25

Instead of  81,40 €

A box for a complete seasonal face and body beauty ritual. A natural and minimalist skin care routine.

It will allow you to gently exfoliate dead skin cells that have formed on the surface of the skin and to brighten your skin with kigelia oil and mango hydrolate. Then soothe, re-hydrate and deeply nourish with our moabi butter.

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