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Weemaï, an eco-responsible company !

The protection of the environment is a major concern for the ecosystem. One of the reasons why we make you discover how our company is part of a responsible and sustainable approach.

So how is Weemaï an eco-responsible company ?

  • Recyclable glass packaging

We chose glass bottles to store our products. Glass is a material that has a life cycle that can be infinite. Recycling glass is one of the simplest and most effective ecological actions that can be done: glass takes 3 to 4 millennia to decompose in nature. .

  • Biodegradable shipping boxes

Beautiful shipping boxes for your enjoyment! Cardboard boxes are so integrated into our daily lives, that we no longer even notice their presence. They are used to package our food products, cosmetics and parcels ordered on the internet. But at a time when the climate is getting out of hand and pollution is increasing, it is legitimate to ask whether all these cardboard boxes are ecological? Our shipping boxes are well ecological and biodegradable. Our cartons are made from wood fiber.

  • Fair trade

Our raw materials come mainly from Africa. We trust the knowledge of the smallholder farmers and rural cooperatives with whom we collaborate, because they are experts in their fields. And we bring our touch in their manufacture, in order to provide you with efficient and secure products

  • Preservation of biodiversity

The natural resources available are limited and the preservation of biodiversity must be a concern. It is important to participate in the valorization of biodiversity in order to avoid desertification.

It was important to highlight the issue of traditional knowledge, through the involvement of indigenous and local communities. We are committed to the conservation and transmission of traditional know-how, as a source of innovation and economic development for Africa. And we fight for the protection of endangered species, working with committed cooperatives.

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