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Our tips for removing bags and dark circles under the eyes

Many women are affected by bags under the eyes (about 85%) and therefore, quite naturally, many want to get rid of them. But when searching for the most popular anti-puffiness technique on the Web, we often come across a long and exhausting list of miracle cures that promise to reduce or even eliminate under-eye bags.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes? To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves another question. Why exactly do we have bags under the eyes ? Not to be confused with dark circles under the eyes.

What is the difference between a ring and a pocket ?

  • Ring

Dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This means that the transport of toxins and waste products produced by the skin and muscle cells does not drain the blood sufficiently.

When the lymphatic system is dysregulated, it no longer correctly eliminates the pigments gathered under the skin, and therefore takes on a colour ranging from blue to brown, accentuating the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

With age, the muscles sag and the fatty tissue that provides the plumpness becomes rarer, so the dark circles can be more pronounced. This phenomenon can accentuate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

  • Pocket

À l’inverse, les poches sous les yeux sont quant à elles le résultat d’une accumulation d’eau et de graisse sous les yeux, donnant ce regard puffy. Une mauvaise hygiène de vie (alcool, tabac, manque de sommeil, etc.) peut occasionner la rétention d’eau et l'apparition de poches sous les yeux. Les vaisseaux lymphatiques peuvent également être à l’origine du problème s’ils ne fonctionnent pas correctement. À ce titre, allergies, rhumes, larmoiements, eczéma et toutes les pathologies liées à la santé de l’œil induisent un marquage plus important. Si on se frotte l’œil, si on tousse ou que l’on éternue fortement, une légère congestion peut se rendre visible sous nos yeux.

Conversely, bags under the eyes are the result of an accumulation of water and fat under the eyes, giving that puffy look. A poor lifestyle (alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, etc.) can cause water retention and the appearance of bags under the eyes. Lymphatic vessels can also be at the root of the problem if they are not functioning properly.

Allergies, colds, watery eyes, eczema and other conditions related to the health of the eye can lead to increased marking. If we rub our eyes, cough or sneeze heavily, a slight congestion can become visible under our eyes.

How to remove bags under the eyes?

As already mentioned, no one can escape bags under the eyes. Women and men, we are all concerned by this phenomenon which, among other things, is not always linked to age. And although surgery seems to be the only option to get rid of it, there are gentler and more natural methods to consider to remedy it.

Beauty tip #1: Drink lemon juice

Start with an eye drainage. When you get out of bed, before eating, drink the juice of a lemon in a cup of warm water. This fruit is known for its detoxifying properties and will drain the fluid accumulated under your eyes, reducing the appearance of puffiness.

Beauty tip #2: Apply an anti-aging oil

This hypersensitive area dries out easily. Choose a treatment that nourishes the eyes. It should plump up wrinkles caused by dehydration and reduce puffiness. Our Kigelia Face Oil reduces dark circles and nourishes in one step.

Apply this oil every morning and evening with a massage to drain the fluid.

Beauty tip #3: Cleanse your skin well

Alicia Keys is the natural beautista who knows how to pamper her facial skin. To protect her skin, the famous singer adopts an impeccable evening routine. She removes make-up and cleanses her face thoroughly every night before going to bed.

One rule of thumb at night is to remove make-up to avoid bags under the eyes in the morning. Use a cleansing lotion. In addition to removing traces of make-up, the liquid texture of these products is gentle on the skin. A little bonus: the application of the product will act as a massage for the skin and drain the bags under the eyes. We have a makeup remover with the perfect texture for your needs!

Beauty tip #4: Avoid salt

To avoid under-eye bags, avoid high-salt meals for dinner. Salt promotes water retention during the night and, therefore, the appearance of under-eye bags in the morning.

Beauty tip #5: Sleep!

Jennifer Lopez, for example, fights wrinkles and tired eyes with a very simple sleep tip

Finally, there is no miracle formula for reducing under-eye bags naturally: more sleep reduces fatigue and therefore reduces under-eye bags.

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