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My skincare oil or moisturizer ?

All skins must be moisturized on a daily basis, and even more so in case of a feeling of tightness. Moisturizing your skin is one of the ways to fight against skin aging, everything lies in maintaining the amount of water it contains. And paradoxically, this often involves the use of a fatty substance.

What is the difference between an oil and a cream?

By definition an oil is a 100% oily, lipid and waterless product. A cream is the emulsion between fatty substances (including oils) and aqueous bodies.

A care oil is nutritious, it penetrates the skin on the surface and moisturizes in a way that limits the natural loss of water. A cream is moisturizing limits the loss of water and captures a little moisture on the surface, but also protective.

Why is the oil an essential care gesture ?

The skin is often subjected to internal difficulties (stress, diet, medicines) or external difficulties (cold, water, pollution). When the skin faces aggressions the cellular tissues weaken. The care oil then arrives as a reinforcement and becomes your crutch.

  • A care oil makes it possible to put on the skin a real anti-dehydration shield

  • The oil also provides a self-regulating function on skin that produces too much fat...

  • Oil is the ideal product for deep penetration of active ingredients

Oil, an effective alternative but how to choose it ?

Above all, a distinction must be made between vegetable oils and mineral oils..

  • Vegetable oil = virgin oil or macerat made 100% from an oilseed or plant

  • Mineral oil = oil derived from petroleum, after processing thereof for industry

By its name, we would tend to think that the oil is specifically discouraged for oily skin: it is quite the opposite! It actually adapts to everyone and penetrates the epidermis very quickly. It can be used either alone or accompanied by a moisturizer for extremely dry skin.

We will choose the oil according to its problem. To be sure of your choice, a skin diagnosis will allow you to take stock of your skin priorities.

  • If we are looking for a very nutritious and restorative effect, we must opt for oils rich in omega 3 or good omega 6: hibiscus oil

  • If we are looking for a firming or tonic effect, we must opt for oils very rich in vitamin derivatives: kigélia oil

In any case, prefer a care consisting of vegetable oils and run away from mineral oils (mineral oil or paraffinum liquidum on the list of ingredients) that are comedogenic and derived from petrochemicals.

For an optimal result, 4 or 5 drops are enough for the entire face, avoiding the eye area.

How do I apply my oil ?

It is essential to establish some rules for the use of body oils.

Face :

  • I clean my face and gently dry my skin.

  • I apply a hydrosol to cotton to neutralize the limestone.

  • Tip: it is by slightly moistening your skin that the skin will penetrate in a few seconds!

  • I massage my face with gentle touches.

  • I finish by putting my hands on the face, to make the oil penetrate to the heat of the palms.


When it comes to application, here is a little essential secret, it is necessary to apply the oil on a skin still wet or wet. That is, just coming out of the shower after peeling the excess water with a towel, or even when you are still in the shower. This helps to avoid this fatty effect that deters most people from using body oils.

In a dry atmosphere, the skin tends to close its pores to prevent the body from drying out. In a humid atmosphere, exchanges with the outside are easily made between the humidity of the air and the humidity of the body, and the pores are then at their normal size.

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